3 Christmas Theme for Windows 7 (. Themepack download)

It's December and is almost a week to Christmas. For a long time we've enjoyed snow until Christmas.
We are sure that most of you have decorated their homes and offices with Christmas ornaments. Globulete, Trees, plants with many lights, Snow stars, Santa Cracked, Reindeer, snowmen si tinsel.

To decorate your desktop in the spirit of the holidays, we offer three Christmas themes for Windows operating systems 7.

Windows 7 Christmas Themes (. Themepack)

1. Red Christmas Theme

x-mass red theme

Red Christmas Theme contains a single background image and Emoticons The Desktop has been replaced with the picture below:


"computer"And"Recycle Bin (Full) "has received a Santa Fes"Network"A Christmas tree and userSite was made snowman :-)

Download Windows 7 Christmas Red Themedownload link .

2. Christmas Theme Pack


This theme contains icons for Windows 7 theme above, plus five background images with winter landscapes that change alone (slide show).

Download Christmas Theme Packdownload link .

3. Merry Christmas - 7 Windows Theme Pack.

 merry xmass

Theme with a beautiful image of winter. Santa's sleigh pulled by reindeer and Christmas tree with snow :) ...

Download Merry Christmas Theme : download link .

3 Christmas Theme for Windows 7 (. Themepack download)

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