AdSense entered the game.

Service Google AdSense began selling advertising well-targetedon in Romania . Thing would go better if Google gave you free had a Romanian dictionary - English at hand. Why do I say that? For many websites written in Romanian is indecipherable for AdSense crawlers, and thus throws class companies in fun games Such as "One so p ** aOther take"
Click on the screenshots:

Excerpt from / adsense :

AdSense for content retrieves crawled content of your pages and displays ads (you can choose both text ads and image ads) relevant to your audience and your site content - ads so well suited that readers will find very useful.

Siiigur yes! 'Take the Pu *"In view Google Adsense is equivalent to "0 taxes","toys for children and babies","Radar"and Oracle . :))

AdSense entered the game.

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