Detecting Alzheimer's with AI

While a lot of people are really scared by the progress of artificial intelligence and the danger it represents AI for many jobs, these technologies will also bring immense progress in the medical field. Alzheimer's detection with the help AI being one of the hundreds of applications of artificial intelligence in the medical field.

The researchers from University of Alberta develops an automatic learning model, accessible through the mobile phone (smartphone), which can detect early signs of Alzheimer's dementia.

Being in the testing stage, the new project gave absolutely amazing results. The model managed to detect with an accuracy of 70% - 75% the presence of the disease, on a sample that included both people with Alzheimer's and healthy people.

This tool allows the detection of Alzheimer's with the help of AI it has the potential to encourage early treatment, slow disease progression and improve telehealth services (distance medicine) by overcoming language or geographic barriers.

Detecting Alzheimer's with AI
AI Alzheimer's Detection

More information about this study can be found on Exploring Language-Agnostic Speech Representations Using Domain Knowledge for Detecting Alzheimer’s Dementia.

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