Artificial Intelligence for Google Ads / Merchant Center

Google recently launched new AI-based tools to help retailers optimize their holiday 2023 promotional strategies and better engage with potential shoppers. Specifically, it's about some tools based on artificial intelligence for Google Ads.

Campaign strategies Performance Max will be able to be guided by artificial intelligence (AI).

Early adopters of campaigns Performance Max, moving from standard campaigns Shopping, reported an average increase in conversion value of 25% at similar ROAS levels.

Platform Google Ads can now optimize campaigns for high-value new customers. Thus, companies that use Performance Max they can now focus their spend on new, valuable buyers while keeping existing customers close as well.

Artificial Intelligence for Google Ads / Merchant Center

Another newly introduced feature for the effectiveness of advertising campaigns during the holiday season of 2023, is “Product Studio".

Product Studio is a suite of free AI-powered tools that help marketers or agencies set advertising campaigns to save time and resources while contributing to the improvement and creation of high-quality product images.

With these tools from Merchant Center Next, users can generate scenes, increase image resolution and edit backgrounds. New images can attract more customers when shared across marketing channels.

Videos and 3D images introduced in Google Merchant Center.

Google is expanding retailers' access to adding 3D content to search results, reporting that shoppers interact with 3D images nearly 50% more than static images.

Artificial Intelligence for Google Ads / Merchant Center
Artificial Intelligence for Google Ads / Merchant Center

Retailers can now submit 3D product resources via Google Merchant Center to offer more free interactive listings.

In addition, Google uses product images to automatically generate videos and clips YouTube Shorts for campaigns.

In conclusion, if you already have an online store that you promote through Google Merchant, it is good to use the new artificial intelligence tools as soon as possible for Google Ads.

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