Microsoft Cortana has been pulled from the Windows 11

I don't know how many will cry after Microsoft's decision to withdraw the virtual assistant Cortana, because after the introduction of this innovation for Windows 10, the most searched tutorials were "how to uninstall Microsoft Cortana?”.

Originally released for Windows Phone 8.1 through 2014, Cortana a virtual assistant as robust as Google Assistant or Apple Siri. Despite the introduction on operating systems Windows 10 As of 2015, Cortana's popularity has been very low and has failed to capture the interest of users.

Microsoft Cortana has been pulled from the Windows 11

In 2023, Cortana reaches the end of the road for operating systems Windows 11. Withdrawn as of 2021 from Android mobile devices, iPhone, Microsoft decided to retire the virtual assistant for good.

It is not clear if there is anything similar to replace it Cortana, but Microsoft is rumored to be investing heavily in artificial intelligence alongside the company OpenAI. So lately a lot of applications and services Windows they received the assistant Copilot.

Windows Copilot, Microsoft 365 Copilot, the new artificial intelligence function (AI) of Bing chat and the standard voice commands of Windows 11 they can take the place of Cortana, if you're going to miss this virtual assistant.

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