I have two Windows XP systems on the same partition. How can I delete a XP.

We have a case with two operating systems Windows XP installed on the same partition. When you start the computer, the black screen we are asked what operating system we want to enter.
If installing two operating systems was made "by mistake" (it happens to give Installation Windows xp directly from "My Computer :)) we can choose a system based on who to use it, and the other system we can get it Uninstall / delete.

How can delete Windows XP operating system if we have two systems installed on one side.

1. First we have to decide what Windows XP installed on the PC to stop and check which is the folder where Windows XP is installed we want to keep it. To see which Windows folder, open the Run box and type "% windir%". Enter or OK.

dir win folder

2. Check in the top bar of Windows Explorer which is partition and system folder.

Windows folder

In our case C: \ WINDOWS folder operating system is that we want to keep it.
Go to C: folder and delete the operating system that we want to eliminate. Its name is usually WinNT.

winnt folder

3. Now we want to make it disappear OS removed from boot menu. The black background that appears when you start your computer. To do this you need to edit the boot.ini.

Press the keys: Windows + Pause / Break to open System Properties. We go to the tab "Advanced"And click"Settings" from Startup and Recovery.

startup and recovery

4. Click on the button Edit to modify the boot.ini (before making changes is better to save a txt original lines.) Deletes eliminated lines operating system and keep only those of our system. In the screenshot below marked with blue lines above system preserved.

save file boot.ini, Set the time "0" to "Time to display list of operating system"And press OK.

Restart the computer.

After the restart will automatically load the operating system Windows XP your choice

I have two Windows XP systems on the same partition. How can I delete a XP.

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