How can view video files damaged or corrupted

If you have problems - like errors reported by the video player - When you want to see some video files (Ie you wake up in unable to open these files - Which usually are movies or videos that you just got to see them and you nerebdatori or movies / favorite videos that previously worked perfectly, but now were "upset" irremediable you: D), there is no need to get angry, and more especially do not delete these filesBecause you still have a chance you can follow.

Of course, one solution would be to try to such repair video with applications - more or less complex. But this way files lose quality and sometimes the settings.

SMPlayer is a Free media programThat can run almost any audio or video fileEven when they are corrupt or defects (Ie they do not need to be repaired first). Unlike most media applications SMPlayer has its own set of codecs included in the package and has some characteristics very interesting, such as:

find-subtitles screenshot
  • the possibility to download and upload subtitles internet
  • possibility of screenshots (Quality depends on the quality of the file)
  • video streaming
  • karaoke etc.

After you have installed SMPlayer, to view files corrupt / damaged it is enough to Drag the files over open application (drag & drop) Or click on Open (Upper left corner) and select File the menu.

drag-drop Open-file

Download SMPlayer & Enjoy! ;)

Note: This application is compatible with all versions of Windows.

How can view video files damaged or corrupted

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