Character and maturity

Sleepy: I think I will make a new category ...
Sleepy: after that delete my blog
Sleepy: so funny
Lawrence spike: course
Lawrence spike: do what you want
Sleepy: thanks
Lawrence spike: no attacks never liked me crazy
Lawrence spike: if you made your obsession of Andreea, stay with your obsession
Sleepy: not you like to be attacked, right?
Sleepy: no I do not like some comparisons
Lawrence spike: I was not attacked. than that your post questioned your maturity
Sleepy: You were attacked
Sleepy: but you got
Lawrence spike: I know. I'm a jerk
Lawrence spike: a good day, Elena!
Sleepy: no
Lawrence spike: bye
Sleepy:'re sensitive to "nice"
Sleepy: a good day to you
Lawrence spike: starting today I stopped any relationship. friendship / partnership / exchange ideas and what you want. what you do with your problem domain and subdomains from me.
Sleepy: ok
Sleepy: Let me get database
Sleepy: and then ...
Lawrence spike: do what you want
Sleepy: I do not want to mess
Sleepy: thanks
You have sent 1 file to Sleepy.

Sleepy: Now, you can delete them
You have sent 1 file to Sleepy.

Sleepy: both
Sleepy: go ahead
Lawrence spike: you'll be empty or say they are unused sub. until then delete anything
Sleepy: what do you mean?
Sleepy: steerg post you post, or what?
spike Lawrence: I do not delete anything. it's your decision if you want
Lawrence spike: I leave the fields
Sleepy: your problem
Lawrence spike: sure, Mrs.
Sleepy: thank you sir
Sleepy: I deleted nonsense
Sleepy: I do not know if in the most inspiring way possible
Sleepy: check, please do not confuse
Sleepy: still delete
Lawrence spike ::) I said I did not confuse anything or delete anything. if you want it that's your choice
Sleepy: so I
Lawrence spike: oky

It. Why be rude and not pander to a lady?


Maybe I did not understand what is the benefit of gossip and attacks without purpose. I do not see than a black ball type loss.

Character and maturity

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