Hackers Yahoo! Mail, vampires? :))

Tin for two days "moderate"Comment of a (Has mail vamp.com). I thought initially to give him "accept"Who left the post to review and watch how the discussions will flow from that post. I am convinced that to how much stupidity and naivety comments I saw in there, Vampire Hacker it would make money.

Too nice comment about him, I did not see everyone.
Ok ... comment below will receive accept Item "

Name: SpargParoleYahoo | E-mail: hackerboy@vamp.com | IP: | Date: August 9, 2007

I see you want to know passwords Yahoo!. Not good, can I help him ment units. Of course not free: between 1 and 15 euro depends on the break. Who thinks worthwhile financially to send me an e-mail adress: hackerboy @domain-name.tld . I think even one euro worth 1 for you. In mail write me your ID, you can contact and email me what you want to do. You can send money and a mobile number in case of supply 1 euros.

This is really funny vampire. Ask 1 and 15 between euro for the same password. The price is set according to the mode of penetration (of Yahoo! mail address) =)). The phrase that gave me back "I think even a 1 euros worth to you. "

My advice is to not send any mail and you do not pay any money. It is only a thin sliver ;-).

* Approved comment in yahoo passwords list

Hackers Yahoo! Mail, vampires? :))

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