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Throughout the year, was created around two or three posts a circle of honor who confuse reality with the Internet and through comenatriile who manage their raise stupidity la performances hard to imagine. Is it about some kids who want to show off and have found a little different topic , here . I don't know… but I stayed to read their every comment carefully. I nominate two positions that do not have more than three rows, but that would have been exceeded 250 comments stupid each. All around a single issue: password id yahoo messenger.
- reached 171 comments. Fast with three, four rows and those lost among the banners.
- 70 comments, but that promises more and there were definitely over 120 if we approved everything.

Who are these people? Has the 2001-2003 contingent invaded the Internet?

Name: Antony | E-mail: [email protected] | IP: | Date: December 14, 2007

Working on the central server at Yahoo 8 years and say they are just 2 illegal methods of finding the password,,,,, so you can crack a password from Yahoo must have speed greater than the net here the server that is 490Mb / s if you maii much safer if you sit back and write this story for children,,,, not to mention those who will believe computer specialist.

This is review of 2007 ! (By now. I can not expect anything here) :))

Another comment:

Sami ji I want reaflu password p kre meow sparto nijte projti ajutatima plz! ji contactatima to master_bo ** dak you! ji there are programs to jtiti k d d cracked passwords mess

Frankly, I think Yahoo! has no guilt. Problems grammar / writing, may lead to the introduction eroanata password if it has a name telenovela, etc. yubytzel.

Conclusion: Elodia nor now found!

I promise to set up "Elodia Gala"And to offer the prize"Crystal Elodia”To the one whoYahoo account password is me ! :))) (Need to sleep, I know. Good night!)

Comments 2007 year!

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