How to disable authentication with Windows Hello PIN, Face and Fingerprint in Windows 10

Compared to previous versions, Windows 10 offers users more authentication options on the operating system user. Instead of the classic "Login Screen" password, Windows 10 gives us several security solutions:

1. Windows Hello Face : Security option based facial recognition. It's something like Face ID on devices Apple, only that the biometric recognition technique is slightly different. To activate Windows Hello Face you need a laptop with compatible webcam Hello Face.

2. Windows Hello Fingerprint : We are all talking about a measure of biometric authentication, the fingerprint being used for authentication on Windows 10. Requires laptop and / or PC with fingerprint reader.

3. Windows Hello PIN : It is the easiest and most handy form of authentication on Windows 10. It involves setting a PIN code of at least 4 digits which the user must enter each time he wants to authenticate to the operating system.

4. Security Key : A physical key will be used every time we want to log in Windows 10. Don't think that it is a key similar to the one on the door or on the car. Is a encrypted file which contains a unique security code. This file that contains digital key will be saved on a USB stick and used every time we log in Windows 10.

5. Password : Login on Windows 10 will be done using your Microsoft account password. Account of course authenticated on the user of the operating system.

6. Picture Password : This is a recommended method on touchscreen laptops. The user can choose a favorite image for authentication, on which he will describe and set certain gestures. Circles, related pockets and other trajectories. It is a form similar to unlocking the screen on Android, when the user has to join certain points with his finger.

Windows 10 Sign-In Options

In this tutorial I will show you how to disable authentication with Windows Hello PIN, Face and Hello Fingerprint in Windows 10.

Off Windows Hello PIN, Face and Fingerprint in Windows 10

Settings where we can change or disable authentication methods (Sign-in options) we find them in: “Settings”→“Accounts".

Windows 10 Accounts Settings

In "Accounts"We click on"Sign-in options”From the bar on the left.

If we have PIN activated and we no longer want to use this authentication method on Windows 10, We click on Windows Hello PIN from “Sign-in options"And click the"remove".

After clicking on the "Remove" button we will be asked if we are sure we want to do this. Click “remove" again.

remove Windows 10 PIN

In the next step, we need to enter the Microsoft account password for the account Windows 10. enter the password and click "OK".

After entering the Microsoft account password and clicking "OK", login with Windows Hello PIN is disabled.

In the same way, the deactivation for authentication with Windows Hello Face yes Windows Hello Fingerprint.

Disabling the PIN code does not mean that you will no longer need the password and that Windows Login Screen will disappear. You will still be asked for the user's Microsoft account password on Windows 10 every time you start or return from sleep / lock laptop or PC.

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