How to enable / disable automatic reopening of applications in Windows 10 after restart / shut down

A good period of time, which can be translated into years, Microsoft did not give too much importance to the development of productivity on operating systems Windows. If we go back a little in time, it is easy to remember how the operating system works restartsuddenly to wonder what update and how the work of a few hours in a… Read More

How to delete the list of recently accessed files and folders (Quick Access) from Windows 10

By default, when accessing "This PC" in Windows 10, in addition to partitions and drives, there are lists of frequently accessed folders and recently accessed files. This list of recently accessed files can provide a user who comes after us to the PC, information about what files I accessed when I was at the computer. Pictures, documents, archives… Read More

How can we find the saved WiFi passwords in Windows 10, even if we are not connected to the wireless network

In the past, I've written about how we can find out the passwords of the wireless networks we've been connected to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or an Android smartphone. In the tutorials below you will find the steps to follow to find the saved wifi passwords. How can we see passwords for Wi-Fi networks saved in iPhone How Read More

[How To] What it is Windows.old and how can it be deleted? Delete Windows.old, Windows.old000 Folder in Windows 10

What is and what helps us Windows.old or Windows.old000 Windows.old or Windows.old000 are folders located on the system partition (usually the C: \ partition), and these are created when we do not do a clean installation of Windows. Windows.old keeps user files (Desktop, Pictures, Downloads, Documents, etc.), the old operating system and folders and files of programs that Read More

How to disable autocorrect (underline in red) in Microsoft Edge browser [Windows 10 Tips]

Microsoft Internet browser Edge is probably the most welcome feature of Windows 10. A very fast browser with a very intuitive interface (UI). Users of Windows 10 who have chosen to install their operating system in English, but write forms on websites, forums, etc. in a language other than that of the operating system,… Read More

How can we disable the Cortana Search field from Taskbar in Windows 10

Among the innovations introduced by Microsoft in the latest Preview version of the operating system Windows 10 there is also the Cortana Search field, available on the left side of Taskbar(immediately after the Start button). uSERS Windows 10 can use this Search field to interact with the new personal assistant offered by Microsoft (integrated in… Read More

How can we display This PC in mod default when open File Explorer in Windows 10

In contrast to the Windows 7 or Windows 8, File Exploreracquis in Windows 10 has as a Quick Access startup page, where users can view a list of the most accessed folders in the system and recently opened applications or files. If instead of Quick Access you would prefer that File Explorer what is Read More

How can we add the boot option in Safe Mode in the boot menu Windows 8 / 8.1 yes Windows 10

One of the most important features of operating systems Windows is Safe Mode, which allows users to fix various system problems (most of which are boot problems) when other methods have no effect. In versions of Windows previous Windows 8, accessing Safe Mode was very easy by pressing the F8 key immediately after… Read More

How to activate Hibernate in Windows 10

If you are an older user of operating systems Windows, (At least Windows 7), then you are definitely familiar with the Power options available in them, namely Shutdown, Restart, Sleep and Hibernate. In the newest system Windows but (at least the Technical Preview version of it), just like in Windows 8 / 8.1, Hibernate option, although Read More