[How To] What is Windows.old and how it can be removed? Delete Windows.old, Windows.old000 Folder in Windows 10

What is it and what helps us Windows.old or Windows.old000

windows.oldorWindows.old000are folders located on your system partition (usually the drive C: \), and then they create when we do not make a clean installation of Windows. Windows.old keeps user files (Desktop, Pictures, Downloads, Documents, etc.) old operating system and the folders and files programs which were present before reinstalling the new operating system Windows 10.
Windows.old000 is the folder that contains the installation older operating systems that were present on your PC or laptop.


Normally, Windows.old help us return to your previous operating systemIf we are not satisfied with the current one. Although this folder occupies pretty much disk space, it can not be deleted simply by selecting and pressing the button "Delete". With more protected system files and folders with rank Administrator, before we start Effective delete Windows.oldWill be the username you are logged on Windows 10 to become ownerCPC all folders si files the Windows.old.

How do I delete the Windows.old folder in Windows 10

Before you can delete we must have full administrative privileges to the user on our website, so that the operating system will not interrupt our operation. To do this, you need to follow few simple steps carefully.

Folders and files in Windows Takeown 10 with Command Prompt

1. open Command Prompt (cmd) with previlegii Administrator. Click Start> type "cmd"> list of programs will be found Command Prompt. Click-right "Run as administrator... "

Windows command-prompt 10

2. In CMD Execute the command "takeown"To give the user to log into Windows that are 10. Windows.old full privileges on the folder and the files it contains.

takeown / F "C: \ Windows.old" / R / DY

* command is valid in case the system partition is "C". If you Windows.old folder on another partition to replace the letter "C" with the letter slope on your hard disk

3. After you run this command, wait until the process "takeown"


It may take a few minutes this operation. Wait until you receive confirmation that the operation was successful.

4. When ready, close the Command Prompt and go to "this PC"In system partition. Right-click the partition (C: in our case)> Properties> click on "Disk Cleanup". Wait until calculates files that can be deleted from the drive, and then in the box that opens click on "Clean up system files"

Screen Shot at 2015 11-20-12.41.20 PM

5. Wait until the calculation is made and files that can be deleted, then in the dropdown list and check identified "Previous Windows installation (s)".

Previous Windows installation

Click OK, and the folder at the end of the cleaning process Windows.old will be deleted from the Windows system partition 10.

Takeown & Delete Windows.old folder in Windows 10

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[How To] What is Windows.old and how it can be removed? Delete Windows.old, Windows.old000 Folder in Windows 10

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