HOW hide your desktop icons OS X

Most users OS X prefer to keep Desktop neat and tidy and not show too much icons it to avoid clutter. But there are plenty of those who do not always take account of this and whose desktops get most often have a untidy appearance (Usually when save a file or install an applicationIn most cases they implicitly places icons on the desktop). In some cases, however, even in the second category users need (at least temporarily) a clean desktop for various reasons (suppose you want to make a screenshot and do not want to advertise your desktop).


In case and Mac's desktop It is busy and you want to hide all icons / files displayed on it (but do not want to delete), you can do this very simply using the instructions below.

How can we hide all desktop icons on a Mac?

  • open applications and select UtilitiesThen open Terminal
  • in the open window, type the command defaults write false CreateDesktop and give Enter
  • then restart FinderCPC command killall Finder

osx terminal

After you use these commands, you will notice that all Emoticons desktop (without exception) were hiddenLeaving clean desktop.

osx-hide-desktop icons

If you later want to redisplay the icons on your desktop Mac's, Use the command defaults write true CreateDesktopThen restart again Finder command killall Finder.

Note: Hidden files and icons on the desktop can be accessed from the Finder still> Desktop.

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HOW hide your desktop icons OS X

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