How can we unlock / Deparolam protected MS Excel file

If you used to work daily (or even weekly) with MS ExcelMost likely have "met" enough protected files that you wish to modify / edit / etc. Most Excel users some of their I give you my word files to protect their work, but in some cases the contents of files can be wrong (Calculations, figures, tables) and can not be corrected without password.


The simplest method unlock Excel files finding the protected password is directly from the source, that those who created these files. But although the method is simple, everyone is not at hand, given that passwords can be easily forgotten even by those who elected them. Therefore, those who want to Fiser unlock protected Excel to edit their content, we recommend to use one of these online services 3:

1. Google docs - upload protected Excel file Google docsthen save it under another name than the original. In this way you unlock file. The only problem is that often, after release, is required realignment of cells on the worksheet.

2. Zoho Sheet - Just like in Google docs, upload file, then save it under another name. In addition to Google Docs, Zoho Sheet allows edit the file in SharePointAnd after Download cell alignment is not required because the file will look exactly the same as before upload, with a small exception: font will be changed with the use of Zoho service.

3. Ensode's Unlock Utility - Although at first glance the website user's Ensode can induce in error, ignore existing ads and go to the bottom, accept the terms of use and upload the file locked. You will surprise you to notice when you save (obviously under another name to unlock) he kept all features original file (Alignment, font, dimensions, calculations, etc.), unlike the above services. So do not be influenced by appearances. : D


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How can we unlock / Deparolam protected MS Excel file

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