How delete a service (Windows Services) on Vista & XP

Lovers of "tuning" (tweaking) Vista who want to get rid of some Windows Services (Preferably ones that are all the time "Disabled"), Can do very easily. The only condition is to not erase a useful service operating system or program in use. Before deleting a Windows service, make sure you really do not need it, because once deleted, you will have difficulty add it to the list again.

The first step you have to do if you delete a service Windows, visit Services from Start Menu or control Panel (Applies more to users Windows XP) And identify correct name of service (check twice before, it does not hurt to be sure). On Windows Vista (logged in as Administrator) The simplest solution is to go to "Start Bar"And to"Start Search"To type"services". After that I will appear in the search list "Services", select and press "Enter".

run services

After pressing "Enter", I will defend to the Windows Services panel.

Windows Services

Right-click the service name you want, then click "Properties". Box that opens, select and copy service name (written in the "Service Name"). In the example below, we selected a random service: Application Layer Gateway Service. Service Name: ALG

Win copy service

Step two : Open Command Prompt with Administrator privileges. If you use Windows Vista you have to right click on cmd prompt and select Run as Administrator. ( "Start Search"-> Type Command PromptRight click on Command Prompt -> Run as Administrator).

cmd run as administrator

Once the open cmd, command to delete a Windows service is:


For the above example, the command is:

sc delete ALG

If the service name that you want to delete and spaces (eg "Adobe LM Service"), Use quotes like the following:

Adobe LM Service

After ordering, please refresh the services list and you will notice that the service will no longer appear in it.

Delete - Adobe LM Service

Attention! This post is written just to inform you on how to delete a service (Services) on Windows Vista / XP. Not advise anyone to do this if you know your role in each operating system service.

How delete a service (Windows Services) on Vista & XP

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