Disable HomeGroup in Windows 7

HomeGroup is one of features Microsoft's new operating system, Which can be accessed Windows ExplorerIn the left navigation pane.


It allows Share urirea files and terminals (printer, scanner, etc.). smaller networks consisting of 2-3 computer as your home network or office network. But if you have a single PC or use this new feature, You can disable HomeGroup, Thereby "saving" some resources used by two processes that it runs in the background: HomeGroup Listener si HomeGroup Provider.

To disable HomeGroup in Windows 7 you have to follow some simple steps:

  • open computer and right click on HomeGroup, then select Change HomeGroup Settings menu displayed
  • in the open window click on Leave the homegroup ...


  • the confirmation dialog, click again on Leave the homegroup.


  • close Windows Explorer and open Services (type: services.msc in Run)
  • search processes HomeGroup Listener si HomeGroup Provider, Double-click on each of them and change Startup Type in Disable. This will permanently disable HomeGroup


ApplyThen close the Services.


That's all! ;)

Disable HomeGroup in Windows 7

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