Dropbox Recycle Bin. How to recover deleted files from Dropbox.

Leaders services storage files in cloud, dropbox si OneDrive provides applications like file management and sharing solutions. At the GUI web application OneDrive Intute is more than Dropbox. Especially when it comes to files /accidentally deleted photosTo find the left OneDrive "Recycle bin"Where we can recover the documents and / or photos deleted.

OneDrive Recycle Bin

The Dropbox web inflicted, "Recycle bin" is called "Events". Basically recover accidentally deleted photos or files can be made from log events.

How to recover files, documents and photos from Dropbox deleted.

1. open dropbox.com and we Authenticated cu Email Address (username) and password related Dropbox Account.

2. Click on "Events"In the left sidebar.

Screen Shot at 2015 08-31-1.16.59 PM

Here comes log of all changes made to your Dropbox account. Files added, deleted and licensing applications.

Screen Shot at 2015 08-31-1.19.13 PM3. The right "You deleted... "Is a link that will lead to deleted files from Dropbox. Click this link and the page that opens will show deleted files.

Screen Shot at 2015 08-31-1.19.26 PM4. Click on "THESE Restore files"

Deleted files or recur again in the folder that have been deleted. Both will be visible in the web interface and the devices that have Dropbox application installed. Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone or Mobile Phones.

Dropbox Recycle Bin. How to recover deleted files from Dropbox.

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