How to: Make fun of your friends

This is a post rotten for several weeks without any educational content (Depending on which direction it is looked up, down, left, right ...: D). Those who will go on through this post, we recommend you consider these good examples to follow, but if they do, they hated success. One have fun!

Ingredient: A hand friends with PCs you have access to + a motorcycle helmet. Possibly armor.

Recipe 1: Enter control Panel (Start-> Control Panel) and access Mouse settings (For users , Sign in Appearance&Themes - mouse section, For users or 7 is enough to type mouse in Search bar in the Control Panel), then set the lowest speed for it. Possibly change and mouse pointer (Cursor). Resources are found in abundance on Internet.

Recipe 2: Still in Control Panel, change fonts that your friends tend to use them like fonts Webdings or Wingdings. Or you can activate Text to Speech for a fuller fridge. :)

Recipe 3: Change the image on the Desktop (background) With images innocent illustrating phobias Your friends (for this move, there is a need and appreciable dose sadism): Snakes, butterflies, Chickens (there are of these :/), etc.. Or (another or) Set brightness 0 (Zero) for monitor. Dose of sadism is somewhat lower than in the first part of recipe.

Recipe 4: All category background. Make a screenshot Your friend's desktop (PrintScreen -> Easter Paint-> Save as Bitmap for a more realistic result). You grja each icon to be in place. Set that screenshot as the background, then right click on the monitor. Users XP will select Arrange Icons->Hide icons, Users Vista / 7 will select View and will clear the Show desktop items. Optional set taskbarSoftware to auto-hide, then took a front row ticket to the show. Motorcycle helmet and armor will be necessary to avoid interaction of solid bodies (ie screen) with your body or head

Note: Not sure hospitalization. Those who attempt recipes will make our their own responsibility.

Thank you!


How to: Make fun of your friends

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