How to stop automatic video playback in Microsoft Edge Browser (Stop video autoplay in Edge)

Microsoft will definitely succeed on Windows 10 with the new Microsoft browser Edge. Millions of users around the world have given up on the Internet Explorer and even Google Chrome in favor of Microsoft Edge. Being derived from Google Chrome, the Microsoft browser Edge supports about the same advanced settings accessible via URL, through which users can… Read More

How can we icons (icons) personalized CD / DVD or Flash Drive (USB Stick)

You know that when you buy a CD / DVD with a game or program, an icon appears in "My Computer" or in the AutoPlay box, which for the most part is representative of the game or software on the CD. Here are two examples of icons for the original Microsoft Office 2003 CD and for a… Read More

WEB2.0 for PRO-fesionisti.

Looking for some sports information on tonight, I ended up taking a walk on some sites of some press / media trusts from .ro culture. "Web2.0" in the title I don't know if it's exactly right, unless I stop at the functionality, web design and creativity. Three essential things in my opinion, which… Read More