How can we icons (icons) personalized CD / DVD or Flash Drive (USB Stick)

You know that when buy un CD/DVD with a game or a program, in the "My Computer”Or in the box occurs iconThat most have is representative game or software costs.acquis on CD.

Here are two examples of icon for CDOriginal site 2003 and for cu .

Icon CD / DVD 2003 Microsoft Office:

autoplay icon

Icon USB bootable drive with Windows 7:

windows7 usb boot

To put an icon / icon to a CD / DVD or a flash drive, we need only two files. A icon (. ICO) and file autorun.inf for (automatically launch applications on portable devices).

How can we icons (icons) personalized CD / DVD or Flash Drive (USB Stick)

1. First we need an icon in format . We took the example icon WindowsIco.


2. Besides creating the file. ICO file named Autorun and extension . Inf (autorun.inf) In that we have the following lines:

ICON =WindowsIco


Open Notepad.exe, edited two lines, then save the file with. Toiletries.

3. Copy both files to CD / DVD or USB drive root directory (Root directory).

autorun ico

After copying the two files and writing the lines from autorun.inf correctly, when reconnecting the data carrier (CD / DVD / Flash Drive), in AutoPlay and in "My Computer" the icon chosen by us will appear.

This is how the icon of a USB Drive (Removable Disk) before and after this tutorial:


removable disk 1

After I added files Ico si autorun.inf :

custom icon

For download for free thumbnail format. ICO recommend

This method is valid for most sites data storage device (the External HDD, phone card, up to CD / DVDS) operating systems , si Windows 7 (All versions).

- Put custom icons on CDs / DVDs and data storage drives (USB Flash Drive & External HDD).

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