How can we icons (icons) personalized CD / DVD or Flash Drive (USB Stick)

You know that when buy un CD/DVD with a game or a programIn "My Computer"And in the box occurs iconThat most have is representative game or softwareacquis on CD.

Here are two examples of icon for CDOriginal site 2003 and for cu .

Icon CD / DVD 2003 Microsoft Office:

autoplay icon

Icon bootable USB drive with Windows 7:

windows7 usb boot

To put an icon / icon to a CD / DVD or a flash drive, we need only two files. A icon (. ICO) and file autorun.inf for (automatically launch applications on portable devices).

How can we icons (icons) personalized CD / DVD or Flash Drive (USB Stick)

1. First we need an icon in format . We took the example icon Windows.ico.

Windows 64

2. Besides creating the file. ICO file named Autorun and extension . Inf (autorun.inf) In that we have the following lines:

[autorun] ICON = Windows.ico


Open Notepad.exe, edited two lines, then save the file with. Toiletries.

3. Copy both files to CD / DVD or USB drive root directory (Root directory).

autorun ico

After I copied the two files and spelling autorun.inf lines to reconnect data media (CD / DVD / Flash Drive) in AutoPlay in "My Computer" icon will appear selected by us.

This is how the icon of a USB Drive (Removable Disk) before and after this tutorial:


removable disk 1

After I added files Ico si autorun.inf :

custom icon

For download thumbnail format. ICO recommend

This method is valid for most sites data storage device (the External HDD, phone card, up to CD / DVDS) operating systems , si Windows 7 (All versions).

Put custom icons for CD / DVDs and data drives (USB Flash Drive & External HDD).

How can we icons (icons) personalized CD / DVD or Flash Drive (USB Stick)

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