[Express] FWPKCLNT.SYS Blue Screen Errors (BSoD)

First of all, we want to mention that the errors caused by the FWPKCLNT.SYS file are present only on Microsoft operating systems. Windows, Including in particular Windows 7 and Windows 8 / Windows 8.1. On the above mentioned operating systems, the error messages generated by FWPKCLNT.SYS may vary depending on the cause that led to this incident. The… Read More

Memory Dump Files Reader (Download BlueScreen (BSoD) Viewer)

Blue Screen errors are critical errors present on all Microsoft operating systems (Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME Windows XP, Windows Sight yes Windows 7) which occur most often due to hardware incompatibilities of the system. They may be caused by a faulty or incompatible RAM memory, by drivers… Read More

Windows Performance: Cleaning Out your PC

Clean the house at least twice a week (you or your partners: P). Vacuum, dust, throw away empty cigarette packs and order your DVDs. But just as important as cleaning your homes is cleaning your computers. Temporary filess, Hibernation files, Memory Dump files. All these occupy… Read More