FIX HUGE SQL tables: wp_actionscheduler_actions & wp_actionscheduler_logs [WooCommerce Tips]

WooCommerce has become a widely used module by more and more online stores. SEO, product management, inventory, clean and intuitive code, simple administration interface and thousands of plugins developed for Woo, are just some of the arguments for which it is worth a chance when you think of developing an online store. Like any CMS, no Read More

How to uncheck “Ship to different address ”from the Woocommerce Checkout page

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WooCommerce 30 + Variation Not Working [How-To Fix]

The optimization capability and flexibility of WooCommerce have made this platform increasingly popular among online store developers. Based on WordPress, WooCommerce is an ideal module (plugin) for those who want to create an online store from scratch. It has a very good indexing rate (SEO), does not require many resources Read More

Disable Notice “Connect Jetpack to activate WooCommerce Services”

WooCommerce has become in recent years an increasingly complex system for those who want to create an online store based on the flexible CMS platform, WordPress. An open-source module of WordPress focused on optimization (SEO), low resource consumption for hosting servers and very easy to manage by owners. WooCommerce allows very… Read More

Delete / Remove details from Checkout in WooCommerce (Postal Code, Company, Phone…)

WooCommerce is a very simple system for anyone who wants to create an online store, based on WordPress. default, WooCommerce will add a standard form for billing details. In the "Checkout" page of the customer. Designed as an online store system that allows both the delivery of physical products and the download of virtual ones, WooCommerce requires… Read More