Install Huawei E160 Internet Modem (Orange) on Windows 7

Mobile Internetu began to be used increasingly more, and primary providers ofhuawei-e160 mobile phone (Orange & Vodafone) are fighting in promotions si Internet subscriptions, which of which more appealing.
Those who made their Internet subscriptions to Orange and received a subscribed USB modem Huawei E160Have received modem installation instructions for operating systems: Microsoft Windows® XP Service Pack 2 (32-Bit), Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 (32-Bit), Microsoft Windows® Vista (32-Bit) and MAC OS X.
It seems that this modem does not have a soft for PC to be compatible operating systems Microsoft 64-BitAnd the new Windows 7 (Which is very close to launching tests) do not specify anything data sheet modem (Orange - Huawei E160).
For those who use 64 bit operating systems we have no solution at the moment, but for the users Windows We have good news.
Huawei E160 goes installed on Microsoft Windows 7 32-Bit, if you follow a few steps:

Install Huawei E160 USB Modem (Orange - Internet Everywhere) on Windows NO ONE-Bit

1. Download the archive with Internet Everywhere software for Windows 32 bit.
download for free: Internet EverywhereOrange

2. Unzip the downloaded Fiser and inside the folder created make right-click pe Setup.exe -> Select "Properties"-> Click on the tab"Compatibility".

3. Arrived in tab Compatibility set as the executable to run with Administrator privileges in compatibility with the operating system Windows Vista. Settings see in the picture below - red border.


4. Double-click on Setup.exe and start the application installation process Internet Everywhere. Is indicated during installation not have the modem connected to PC. After which select language where you want to install the application and check that agree to "Terms and Conditions"Begins software installationSite. Arrived at step "Install Hardware", select "You install a device later"& Next.

Internet Everywhere

5. The final step in installing the Internet Everywhere application will ask you to restart the computer. After receiving the congratulations. :-) Click the "Now reboot".


6. After restart, on Desktop you will see a shortcut "Internet Everywhere" with the Orange logo in the icon and very possibly a error message of Internet Everywhere. Ignore the error message and close the application.


make right click this shortcut -> Properties -> Compatibility and privileges set as executable Setup.exe (see illustration in step 3).

7. Connect the modem E160 HUAWEI USB to PC, wait a few seconds until the box opens AutoPlay and select Open folder to view files.


8. In the folder that opens, you have four files including executable (. Exe) which must separate set running compatibility Windows Vista cu Administrator privileges. (See step 3). Files: AutoRunCardDetector, CardDetector, CardDetectorSetup, ModemDeviceSetup.

setup 3

9. After you finish setting the 8 step. run AutoRunCardDetector and wait until the installation is complete E160 Huawei modem.


Message "The last process CAN A Few Minutes"Is as serious as possible. The process of installing the Huawei E160 modem on Windows 7 can take a few minutes.
After this last step, you can connect to the Internet. Double-click the Internet Everywhere shortcut on Desktop.


Wait for network Orange RO - Orange Internet and press the Log In / Out.

Nice surfing!

Note: Tutorial tested on Windows Build 7 7000 si Windows Build 7 7057. 32-bit. This tutorial is made by , to help users of operating systems Windows 7 who purchased a Huawei E160 modem with Internet subscription from Orange RO.

Install Huawei E160 Internet Modem (Orange) on Windows 7

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