Mouse Resolution / Cursor Refresh in Windows 10

As we anticipated, Windows 10 it is not yet ready to be an operating system used for someone who actually works on a computer. Windows 10 it still has many bugs and errors that will need to be fixed. In addition, not all hardware drivers are currently compatible with the new operating system.

A strange problem. which I have not encountered in previous versions Windows previous, it is a kind of refresh of the mouse or cursor more precisely. For periods of several seconds, the cursor appears the specific refresh wheel.
It is an issue quite troublesome, because it prevents the user to operate the computer. You can not key or even a web address in the browser, and while watching a movie, video player will always active toolbar, which normally occurs when you move the mouse. In other words, it "moves" alone.

Mouse refresh / auto-refresh in Windows 10.

The problem is due to the incompatibility of the touchpad driver and / or the mouse driver with the operating system Windows 10. This problem occurs especially in those who have installed Windows 10, and then installed their own drivers from a previous operating system. The solution is to go to "Device Manager" and uninstall the touchpad and / or mouse driver, then restart the computer or disconnect and reconnect the mouse after uninstalling the driver. The problem of mouse refresh will definitely disappear :)

Mouse Resolution / Cursor Refresh in Windows 10

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