The task (un) suitable when (un) fit. Kaspersky IS Updater.

I do not know what I would do if Kaspersky Internet Security Updater would not start up when I open:

1. A task download by ~ 2.4 MB / s in BitTorrent (Photoshop Elements 8.0)
2. Installation process Windows Vista Ultimate x86 by Oracle VM Virtual Box.
3. Mozilla Firefox with 7 tabs open.
4. Office OneNote 2010 plus small startup control applications.
5. KasperskyOf course ...

I hope the next version of Kaspersky Internet Security to come up with options for optimization updates. Gender: update only when the internet connection is idle, update only when the CPU times are in 40%, etc.. If they could do their updates when the laptop is off of all would be better: D

Activation phase in KIS si KAV is very good when we open very big programs when the CPU and memory are required, but from what I have seen there are times when antivirus ignore gaming profile and start to make updates.

The task (un) suitable when (un) fit. Kaspersky IS Updater.

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