Time means money…

And ... Microsoft every second is precious.

MS Bus - Outside


MS Bus - Interior


It's easy to understand from the above images. Every place in the bus that transports the employees is equipped with a computer. It seems that this method has been applied since the end of September in China. Delays at work because Traffic Jams will not be a burden for the company.

If this bus would run through the holes on the roads in Romania, surely Microsoft's next operating system will be shock resistant. :)

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Eugene: How about a tour of Romania's that?
Lawrence: gorgeous
Eugene: while going to work
Jingan Eugene: Net connection via satellite
Eugene: lan games
Eugene: blah blah etc.
Lawrence: ah. Romanian tour?
Eugene: I give the driver a steering wheel to play NFS
Eugene: =)))
Lawrence: Well after 10 KM need to do technical revision to the motherboard, CPU, cooler ...
Eugen ::)))

Time means money…

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