Send attachments from emails to 200MB free!

Regardless e-mail client used, there is a limit maximum 30MB (Mercifully, considering that in some cases is a maximum limit 10MB) for attachments (Files sent via e-mail to various recipients), and it can hurt us sometimes imposed limit all day. Especially if the file (or files) to be sent immediately via e-mail exceeds by more than half a MB limit allowed and wake up with a error message splendid which warns that attachment size can be up XMB / e-mail and the file can not be attached. Sucks, right?

It is true that large files can be transferred smoothly through chat programsBut this is no choice but for those who use such programs and, especially, they use the same time. So, it's not the perfect solution, right?

Probably so they thought those at when they created free shuttle large files, The maximum being extremely convenient, namely 200MB (Call girl 10MB otherwise, right?: P). In addition, a fee acceptable (15 € / year) can significantly increase this limit to 2GB / file.

How the free MailBig service worksFile?


1. The sender uploads the file on MailBig serversFile

2. The recipient receives an e-mail the link where you can download the file.

3. The recipient accesses the link received via e-mail download the file sent by the sender.

Simple, right?

Files uploaded to MailBig serversfile can be Maximum downloaded 10 times and are available 5 days. If it is not necessary to send files larger than 200MB, no need to create your account and log before upload: simply visit the website and send email. If you need to send larger files of 200MB, costing you a (not very much) but also benefit from various advantages. For more information visit the website MailBigFile.

Note: It is very possible that the email containing the link to the uploaded file, sent by MailBigFile, to reach the recipient's Spam / Bulk folder, so it is recommended to notify the recipient before entering the e-mail address noreply @ in the contact list (address book).

Send attachments from emails to 200MB free!

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