Microsoft has launched the Remote application Desktop for Android and iOS

A few days ago, Microsoft launched the Remote application Desktop for iOS and Android, device owners running these operating systems can connect to remote PCs and access their resources and programs through the application from almost any location. Both mobile platforms use Remote Desktop ... Read More

Product key license recovery for Windows 8

The most effective way to repair one Windows with errors / virus etc. is formatting the hard disk and reinstalling the system. Into the Windows 8, the repair and reinstallation of the operating system has been simplified by the introduction of two new features, Refresh PC and Reset PC. But whether you choose a classic reinstallation option or one of the more Read More

Complete lists with error codes of Windowsand their meanings

Most of the time, when we encounter an error in Windows, it happens that we do not have the slightest idea about what the respective error code represents, so neither about what exactly caused it or what is its importance. Most look for the meaning of errors on the internet hoping to learn from other users' experiences Windows cum… Read More


Coffee, cigarettes, muted music and complete silence in the room. I didn't feel anything, I didn't hear anything abnormal. Suddenly I woke up with a harsh tongue licking a toe on my right foot. It had as much as ten coffees! I was about to put the keyboard on my head when I reflexively pulled my leg. ... Read More