Complete lists with error codes of Windowsand their meanings

Most times, when you meet a error in WindowsHappen to have no clue about what is error code Those so no Understanding what caused it or what is its importance. most search meaning errors pe Internet hoping to find out from other users' experiences Windows how can i solve them but i can't find them solutions each time, and in some cases do not find the right solutions, which inevitably leads to other errors or more confusion.

Because of this, the easiest is to look meaning errorsAnd details of how they can be solved directly at source, namely, documents and web pages about them provided by Microsoft.

Windows Error Codes

Document Windows Error Codes lists and explains The most common error codes related to the Win32, And values HRESULT or NTSTATUS.


Download in English Windows Error Codes on the Microsoft site.

The paper is pretty thick (533 pages), but for those who know how to use Search site will not present any problems.

System Error Codes

most applications you install the system contains a code which enables them to their back (Recover) after any unexpected error system. When such errors occur, the application can require the intervention of users' or may even be recover by itselfAnd in the worst case, may need a restart the system to function properly again. Click this link to display the page lists all system errors and their meanings.


Events and Errors Message Center

Using Events and Errors Message Centerusers Windows I can search Detailed explanations about operating system errors Windows, Recommendations on how they can be solved and Additional support links and resources for users who encounter them. To search for information about a specific error details users need such as Event ID, Event source, Text Message si File Name. These values ​​can be easily identified in logs Event Viewer (Event Viewer can be accessed Control Panel> Administrative Tools).


To access Events and Errors Message Center click here.

Note: Not all system errors have easily made solutions, so we recommend that you seek specialist to avoid any unpleasant consequences even than the errors in question.

STEALTH SETTINGS - The complete lists with Windows Errors and their meanings

Complete lists with error codes of Windowsand their meanings

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