We have not Windows or RC in April 7 2009?

Windows 7 was cause for an entire generation rumors (Some of them even graduated) Since stage embryo. The newest rumor, "procreated" recently, is that we have a release Candidate (RC) Somewhere in months April this year. More accurate 10 April (Well he never said 1 April, That would have been deprived of any chance Index credibility).

However, what is sure is that Windows 7 has already reached built 7046. But the fair is rumored that built 7048 already had been released to water, but an employee of Microsoftuluand, it seems, would have denied it. So let the champagne in place.


But what intrigues me me is that part built on sites of 7000 and 7046. I have not cleared since the only part of Windows 7 Beta testers would have received upgrades built with these sites, if they are public. Or can not I understand correctly. Do not give stones.

Cu microsoft Malca is quiet (well, a gentleman with a particular function in the company, Steven SinofskyWould be announced RC1 will be broadly available, Which is available to everyone), as we used to and actually we can never know for sure the rumors will come true. One information coming directly from the source is that it took into account the feedback those who tried beta and that Windows 7 RC will have several hundred changes (Built from 7000) to suggestions.

We just have to wait and see how things will develop, especially Windows 7 hopefully not too late. Let us help Microsoft!

We have not Windows or RC in April 7 2009?

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