Windows 7 Beta: Download for Free & Use for 30 days (or get product key)

windows7 Thanks high demand (Which could not handle it) Microsoft announced that soon will give way again download for Windows 7 Beta:

Thanks for your interest in the Windows NEVER Beta. The volume has been phenomenal - we're in the process of adding more servers to handle the demand. We're sorry for the delay and we'll re-post the Beta as soon as we can ensure a quality download experience.

However, there are still two download links, All provided by Microsoft, but the difference between these links and the one on is the version of the first two expires 30 days from the date of installationAnd on the latter version (probably the same) came bundled with a code / product key (Currently only available for the first 2,5 million registered usersWe will see if Microsoft will reconsider and about it) that allows expansion limit 30 days until August 1 (Or up to a new upgrade al Windowsacquis).

Until it permeates the fog light left around this releases (Which Microsoft seems to have been little prepared to support it, After all errors and apologies displayed), Or until they figure out how many servers will still need to provide a download "quality" of tech site, we can test (or at least try to test) for 30 days Windows 7 using the following links:

Win7-Beta1 version 32biti

Win7-Beta1 version 64biti

LA. No famous product key from Microsoft, you can extend the life of Windows 7 Beta Trial 30 days from the 120 daysUsing the command slmgr –rearm.

LA2. You can get a product key for Windows DO NOT Beta if followed exactly (!) steps:

1. go to and log in using the username and password from hotmail or (You have the option of Sign In in the upper right corner of the page);

2. Copy (do not click!) One of the links below (right click on the link>Copy link location), Paste it in the address bar on the, then hit Enter. You will see the code that allows you to record Windows 7 Beta (evaluation copy).


If you will be redirected, it means you have not followed the steps correctly, you will see an error, press Ctrl + F5 (For a forced refresh) whenever need to have it displayed code.

Enjoy your evaluation copy of Windows NEVER Beta! ;)

Windows 7 Beta: Download for Free & Use for 30 days (or get product key)

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