Windows 7 - Solutions Anti-Virus & Internet Security

Located in beta and free download (Gratuit. test) Windows 7 seems to have attracted the attention of companies producing anti-virus softwareWho wish to prepare in advance for the final release.
Basically Windows 7 should work all the programs that are compatible , However, three companies producing anti-virus software have already prepared dedicated to the new operating system.

1. Of course, the first anti-virus software is compatible on Windows 7 Norton 360 3.0 Beta. I would recommend this to anyone anti-virus. We old sequelae related to Norton. You can download the product after you complete the form at this address: Download Norton.


2. No doubt AVG is one of the most popular anti-virus software used on Windows XP. It seems he does not want to lose any username and release the two products for Windows 7. AVG Anti-Virus si AVG Internet Security (With built-in firewall and anti-spam protection).

downloadAVG Anti-Virus & AVG Internet Security> download link <


3. Kaspersky Lab today announced a prototype Anti-Virus for Windows 7. Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows 7 promises to be more effective in fighting viruses than its predecessors. Careful scanning of files, scanning speed and increased "Heuristic Analyzer"Improvements are some of the updates prepared by Kasperky Lab for Windows 7.

kaspersky lab

downloadKaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows 7 (Technical Preview)> download link <

Windows 7 - Solutions Anti-Virus & Internet Security

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