Windows XP - Simple Customization

for users that put greater emphasis on But also want a Jimi Hendrix more special for it, we recommend not to use themes to customize it (because they consume more resources) But try something simpler, but can be equally effective: customize folders and icons.

There are two ways to customize the folders and icons in Windows XP:

  • manual
  • with the help applications

Manual customizing folders and icons

If you prefer not to use additional applications to accomplish this customization, then we recommend that you follow these steps:

  • for customization of System folders created, Such as My Computer, Recycle BinEtc., right click anywhere on Desktop and select PropertiesThen the tab Desktop, Click on Customize Desktop. In the open window select the item which you want to change the icon then click on Change Icon


  • to customize any other folder on your computer must right click on that folder, select PropertiesThen click on Change Icon


  • icons to customize certain applications, Right click on shortcutstheir site, select PropertiesThen the tab shortcut click on Change Icon


Customizing icons and folders using applications

1. iColorFolder is a free application which allows you to customize icons XP's standard, putting at your disposal and a Skin Pack where you can pick their new look (after iColorFolder and Skin Pack install additional software, open iColorFolder Skin Selector to select the desired skin). If you want all folders use the same standard skin, then check Use generic folder icon defined in the skin.


In addition, you have option to choose different colors for each folder in hand:


iColorfolder not consume many resources and leave no traces after use (such as processes "forgotten" that affects memory) and even sends himself to walk after his job.

Download iColorFolder.

Download Skin Pack (iColorFolder).

2. IconTweaker is an interesting application that you It offers the opportunity to change almost all XP's icons. After installing the application, click on the item Icons in the left pane, and then you can customize any icon you want using the Change.


Download IconTweaker.

Careful! Files we use for customizing necessarily have to be in format Ico. If you use the Internet as a resource, avoid downloading files ending in .exeThe risk that they are Virus very high. After you download the icons, tighten them all in a folder created in a location that RARMA access to avoid accidental moving or deleting it.

Windows XP - Simple Customization

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