alg.exe (Application Layer Gateway Service)

Alg.exe is a system process belonging Microsoft'sNecessary for correct operation of applications such as IM clients (Instant Messages) Firewall, Ftp, BitTorrent and so on In the absence alg.exe, communication ports will be blocked as As security si connection Internet will be interrupted. The situation can be remedied by a restart or relogare.

Alg.exe is to increase the security of a network by improving protection firewall. Although it is a vital process for the system, its completion can cause connection problems Internet and especially with applications using the Internet. In case you have disabled alg.exe, restart your computer and the problem will be solved.

Attention! Location alg.exe legitimate program is in the folder C: \Windows\ System32. If you find this process located in any other system folderMost likely This is a virus, trojan or spyware!