How can delete Windows 7 the Boot Menu (Dual-boot with Windows XP)

Although Windows 7 has won many fans even before official launch for more than a year ago are still many users Windows which, although they have tried this OS have decided to remain loyal Windows XPOr subjective reasons (habit, convenience etc.) Or objective reasons (old or weak systems). If you are among those who tested Windows 7 in dual-boot Windows XP and then you decided to proceed only with Windows XPThe first thing you need to do it before Uninstall Windows 7 (Or delete / format partition on which it is installed) is to disable the boot menu. You can do this simply by following the following instructions (method works if you have already uninstalled or deleted Windows 7 boot menu still appears every reboot).

boot menu

How to disable boot menu? / How to delete Windows 7 the boot menu?

First you need a DVD or a Windows installation image 7

  • enter DVD with Windows 7 in unit DVD-ROM or mount the image to install on a virtual drive (Recommend Virtual Clone Drive)
  • then open a Command Prompt and type the following command line (command and you can launch directly from Run):


[Drive_letter] bootbootsect.exe / NT52 ALL / force     (Where [drive_letter] is the letter of your DVD-ROM drive or virtual)

windows-bootsect 7

And ready. Every time you restart the system, it will boot directly into Windows XP.

Note: Do not use this method to dual-boot Windows Vista/ Windows 7.

STEALTH SETTINGS - How to remove Windows 7 from Boot Menu (Dual-boot with Windows XP)