7 Windows Aero Theme for Windows Vista [Download]


I saw that many are crazy about the new look of Windows 7. Even users who have installed Windows Vista they want on their systems one GUI (theme or msstyles) Of Windows 7. Personally I can not say one looks better than the other. Very big difference between the graphical interface of the two systems is not. Say ... Windows 7 would have a more visual effects, but the square shapes Taskbar disappointing. My opinion.

This is how a piece of the Taskbar and Start Menu the Windows7:


If you can not install on your computer (it's free until January 24) or run a dual-boot Vista & Windows 7, there is only one option. Use a graphic themeThat will change the interface Windows Vista Aero in the Windows Aero 7.
All you have to do is to download this file, To unzip it and copy the contents inside the archive in the folder C: WindowsResourcesThemes. Patch-look with a soft kind TuneUp Utilities 2009Then you can activate Windows 7 theme. After activating the theme, Windows Vista will look like Windows 7 (with minor differences: P).

Download: 7 Windows Aero Theme (. Theme & msstyles) for Windows Vista. > <

* We tested this theme on Windows Vista Home Premium (Aero Style).


So show taskbar & Start Menu 7 Windows theme on Windows Vista.


Transparency and color effects you can set the "Personalize" (right click on desktop) -> "Window Color and Appearance".


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7 Comments: 7 Windows Aero Theme for Windows Vista [Download] #
  1. KingOfDark says:

    adik me how to live the Windows patch? give me a buzz to me on messenger boss_b1995

  2. User1 says:

    А как установить на компьютер, я скачал дальше то что делать??

  3. Vlad says:

    Do not go ... I see only a picture but the rest are windows windows 7 basic theme

  4. Alex M. says:

    super cool theme :-)

  5. MaYeO says:

    Windows wants me gasitzi 7 RC id: walkman_m3nth0l or angel_th3_deadh_now .... Bft :)

  6. seboo says:

    hey hello you can do that bottom bar to be exactly the same boxy shi you open more than just acelaashi to stop crowding everything. plzz za f aas NFI recognizable. sthiu like Windows 7 I tested shie great but I do not see shi with timpu C D partition is full. plz would be grateful f


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