Autochk.exe (Config Safe) process system or virus?

Autochk.exeCalled and Microsoft imagineLAN or Config SafeIs an operating system process Windows. This system monitors and oversees changes in Registry and the files .ini, Changes hardware or software installation. In addition, it keeps copies with the initial system configuration that allow you to make one System Restore if it becomes unstable.

Autochk.exe automatically scans your system to start or restart (the often unplanned) its only when system files (registry etc.) Are considered corrupt. If after scanning partition file system are identified affected Autochk.exe delete it to protect the system.

If Autochk.exe makes its presence felt more and more that active process was scheduled to be Scheduled Tasks periodically scanning the system or is symptom of one of the following problems:

  • system files are corrupted
  • one hard disks is affected
    Although this process is vital for the functioning of the system, not recommend disabling it (This is possible registry). Autochk.exe not virus (Malware, spyware, etc..) And not not a risk But your system is necessary to note that the majority of malicious software have names similar to those of system processes to be identified as difficult (eg Autochk.exe autocsk.exe instead), so recommend using a permanent

Autochk.exe (Config Safe) process system or virus?

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