How can we find out the date and time when the operating system was installed Windows

You may have planned a reinstallation of Windows and are curious about how much time passed from the last. Or maybe you want to know how long it's been since the last time you installed Windowsul you to decide whether or not to do a reinstall. In either of these cases (or any other reason), you can follow one of methods below to find out the exact date and time when it was last installed Windowsul on a computer.

As we found out when it was last installed Windowsthe?

1. The first method would be to use Windows Exploreracquis. While many users would think the date on which it was created either folder of the of system (Program Files, ProgramData, Users, Windows etc.) coincides with the date on which the operating system has been installed, starting with Windows Vista not applicable (basically, those folders are copied from installation imageAnd the date of Properties these will be the date on which the image from which it was installed was created Windowssite). Instead the date when a certain one was created system folder it is also system installation date, namely the user's folder created during installation.

user properties

2. The second method (that third) involve using Command Promptacquis. Open a Command Prompt with administrator privileges and then type the following command:

systeminfo | find / i "data"


3. All in Command Prompt (All with Administrator privileges) Type the following command:

WMIC OS GET installdate


The number displayed indicates year, month, day si Now exactly where it was installed Windowsul (including minutes and seconds); in this case 2013-07-18 11:06:31.

4. And the fourth method, a little more complex than other 3 involves registry Editor. Open regedit and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \Windows NT \ CurrentVersion. In the left pane identify entry InstallDate.


Its value is equal to number of seconds which went from January 1 1970 until the system has been installed (the number divided 60 once again 60 24 then find out how many days passed between the two dates, then divided by the number of days it 365,25 for the number of ani etc, or use a converter online for automatic calculation, such as Time Converter).

STEALTH SETTINGS - How to find the exact date and time when Windows OS was installed

How can we find out the date and time when the operating system was installed Windows

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