How can we delete the Watermark from desktopCPC Windows 10 Technical Preview

Like in Evaluation versions (preview) Previous system Windows, 10 Windows Technical Preview displays a watermark in the bottom right corner of the screen, namely "Windows 10 Pro Technical Preview Evaluation Copy. Build ****".

win10-watermark preview

Whether you're among users who have chosen to use Windows 10 Preview ca primary system or only tested this version Windows a secondary computer (or dual-boot) if you want to remove watermark Displaying MicrosoftYou can do this using Universal Watermark disabler.

How to disable the Evaluation Copy watermark from Windows 10 Technical Preview?

Universal Watermark disabler is a free utility with which users Windows 10 Preview can easily wipe watermark displayed on DesktopWithout having to manually edit file system (Note though that it is a third-party utility, That is why it is recommended to create a restore point the system before using the application).

How does Universal Watermark Remover?

  • download archive containing usefulness clicking download link displayed at the end of the article, then extract content these
  • give right click the file uwd.exe and run the application with Administrator privileges (Otherwise it will not work)
  • then click on the install to disable the watermark Evaluation Copy on the desktop

install-universal-watermark diasbler

  • and click on OK (sign out) Made the application for the change to take effect (be sure to save your work in progress before installing the application, do not lose important data)

confirm-disabling-watermark win10

After you will login back in Windows 10 PreviewYou will notice that watermark will not be displayed desktop.

Download Universal Watermark disabler.

Note: Application compatible with preview versions of Windows starting with Windows 8 build 7850.

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 STEALTH SETTINGS - How to remove Windows 10 Technical Preview Watermark

How can we delete the Watermark from desktopCPC Windows 10 Technical Preview

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