How to avoid resetting the default browser in Windows 7 [Firefox vs. Internet Explorer]

After a recent re-install the Windows 7, I faced one of peculiarities this operating systemThat not yet met. Ie: I set the a browser by default, and Windows 7 after each restart, another browser set as default. Of course, there is the Firefox (I) and Internet Explorer (Windows 7). Lucuru the more strange as, a couple of months ago, Microsoft - Pushed back the EU - foisted on us by now famous Browser Choice (Update which I chose not to install it - not then, not now).

How to convince Windows 7 not to change the default browser from Firefox to Internet Explorer after each system restart

If the method of "traditional" (ie Set Firefox as your default browser or something like that) pink, maybe it's time to get down to action more "drastic", ie to prohibit computer to access Internet Explorer, Thereby forcing it to open any link that we click with your Firefox (or any other browser - Different from Internet Explorer - you want to use as default, despite the stubbornness operating system). For this, you need to follow the steps below:

First you need to log in Windows using Administrator user (Or any other user with full administrator privileges), then click the button Start and type default in Searchacquis in Start Menu (Then give Enter).


In the open window (Default Programs) Click on Set Program Access and Computer DefaultsThen select Custom from the list displayed.

computer defaults custom

Click on Choose the Default Web Browser, select Mozilla Firefox and check the option Enable Access to this Program next to it (make sure to uncheck the same option in Internet Explorer right), then let OK and restart. This will force Windows to ignore 7 total Internet Explorer and recognize Firefox as default browser.

Nice surfing! ;)

How to avoid resetting the default browser in Windows 7 [Firefox vs. Internet Explorer]

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