How to NOT receive emails Yahoo! Mail Classic.

I know many of you do not want to be assaulted by dozens of messages in inbox. I speak here of email's Real and not spam. Many incoming email might get busy. Whether you are mail service, Emails with offers or emails from friends who invite you to help them in various problems.
Not to receive mail, you must have an account de Yahoo! Mail. The email account that you use as your email address default. 
For more than two hours Two messages were sent to my address many Yahoo! Mail and still are lost somewhere along the way. I thought it be a problem on the server that sent mail, so I did a little experiment. I took one piece of e-mail account created and I sent a message to three e-mail. Each, One and one

Results: and have received the message almost instantly. still looking for. (By ~ 30 minutes).

Yeah. How long will Yahoo !? One year? Two? ~ 6 months.

How to NOT receive emails Yahoo! Mail Classic.

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