How delete the user name and profile picture from the Start Menu in XP

I do not know for what reason someone would want to Remove user name (Windows XP Username) or profile picture from Start MenuBut in case someone wants it there is a registry Hack (A trick) that will allow this change in the Start Menu.

Start Menu Username & Picture (Default)

Start Menu Username & Picture

To remove the user name from Start Menu, must follow a few simple steps, but that involves changes in Windows registry. (You must be very careful)

Windows registry Hack

1. Open the registry editor (registry Editor) And go to:


After clicking on the folder "Explorer", go to the screen on the right side of the registry editor, right-click -> New -> DWORD Value. The image below will explain this step.

new DWORD Registry Key

2. The new DWORD Value be called NoUserNameInStartMenu with value 1.

nousername in start menu

3. Click OK and close the registry editor. Go to the Start Menu and press Log Off or reboot.
After reboot you will notice that the user name disappeared from the Start Menu.

no username in Startmenu

To delete the profile picture will be dtergeti or rename folder Default Pictures.

C: Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataMicrosoftUser Account PicturesDefault Pictures

Log off or restart to apply the change in the Start Menu.

Remove Username & Picture in Start Menu - Windows XP.


How delete the user name and profile picture from the Start Menu in XP

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