How we protect ourselves Windows Ransomware PC by disabling SMBv1

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As has been discussed and is very clear, WannaCry and Petya ransomware viruses could not cause such damage on a large scale if they did not use a service. Windows, left activated by default by Microsoft for at least strange reasons. SMBv1 is the service that was exploited and through which it was possible… Read More

How can we restrict access to Command Prompt in Windows

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If you administratora network of PCs Windows or you are used to allowing other people (family, friends, colleagues) to use your personal computer, most likely you want to restrict their access to system settings and certain utilities, to prevent any changes and possible errors that could be caused of those changes. ... Read More

How can we enlarge thumbnails from Windows Taskbar without using third-party applications

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One of the new features introduced by Microsoft with the launch Windows Vista is also the ability for users to view a preview (thumbnail) of applications running on the system when they place the mouse cursor over their buttons in Taskbar. Although it is not considered to be a very important feature of the system Windows, the vast majority of users Read More

How can we prevent a user's password from being changed? Windows

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If you are accustomed to letting other people use your user on an operating system Windows, you certainly do not want those people to be able to change the user's access password. Also, if other users share the same user on your computer (different from your user), you will most likely want to prevent Read More

How can disable the feature in Office 2013 cloud sites

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As the cloud has become an important part of online in recent years, and online storage services have become increasingly popular, it is no wonder that Microsoft has integrated OneDrive into most of the software products launched by the company. The same goes for the latest version of Office, Office 2013, which includes… Read More

How can we change the location default to install applications in Windows

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When installing applications on an operating system Windows, location default their installation is in the Program folder Files from the system partition (the partition on which the system is installed Windows). By default, the path to the directory where the applications are installed is C: \ Program Fileand versions Windows 32-bit, and C: \ Program Files if… Read More

How to delete a WiFi network profile (WiFi Network Profile) in Windows 8.1

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Nowadays, almost all computer users use WiFi networks to connect to the Internet. Also, most devices with WiFi connectivity support have the option to automatically connect to a WiFi network when the device is in its range. If you are used to… Read More

How can we restrict an application (.exe) to run in Windows

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Sometimes, for various reasons, we do not want people who have access to our computer to be able to run certain applications installed on the system. If you are a user Windows, you can restrict access to those applications using a registry hack (be careful, however, this method does not work if you want to block the running of a system service, Read More