Download Free and Install New Windows 10. Permanent Upgrade!

Just days ago Microsoft notified (via systray) majority users Windows 7 si Windows 8 / 8.1As may reserve free The original copy for download for free si installation, of the future operating system Windows 10.

It is somewhat surprising that Microsoft decides to offer Free upgrade de Windows 10 a limited number of users. Specifying of course the fact that the upgrade It is one of trial. It is a permanent upgrade.

Get Windows 10 for free


*Yes, free. This limited time upgrade offer is for a full version of Windows 10, not a trial. 3 GB download required; internet service fees may apply.

To benefit from this upgrade, those who have received notification from Microsoft will need to register with their email address to be notified when they can download and install the new Windows 10.

The status of the upgrade Windows can be checked from systray> right-click on the icon Windows 10 and "Check your upgrade status".

Windows 10 Upgrade Reserved


According to Microsoft, this upgrade is free… but it is not known what will happen to those who booked the upgrade, but the system they installed uses a pirated license. Microsoft may overlook this.


Download Free and Install New Windows 10. Permanent Upgrade!

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