Disk Utility - New Hard Disk / SSD Manager on OS X El Capitan

He Captitan OS X It will be released and available at download for free si installation in a few hours.

Although the El Capitan Graphics Interface is based on the system YosemiteSome applications default suffered significant changes. In some of them even held a total redesign of the GUI.

One of the applications that have undergone major changes is disk Utility. This utility helps us manage everything related to internal and / or external devices Dedicated data storage and operating system. Hard disk drive (HDD) Internal Mac, SSD, hard drive-hate external, sdcardATVs and USB drives Stick connected to the Mac.

Presentation on OS X Disk Utility 10.11 El Capitan

For those who have used this tool on Yosemite, the first thing that jumps in their eyes is the totally modified interface. The management functions / buttons have all been moved to the top in a "menu bar". Storage devices and partitions are left in the bar on the left.

Screen Shot at 2015 09-30-1.03.44 AM

Disk Utility new options on the main menu are:

First Aidcheck for errors and if possible fix errors on partition, hard drivethe CPC or the storage device selected in the devices list on the left.
Partition - Resize partitions on the selected disk. That seems very flour. Resizing can be done by dragging with the mouse or trackpad in the left circle.

Screen Shot at 2015 09-30-9.41.49 PM

Erase - With this option we can form and erase data in the selected volume.
Mount / Unmount - Installation / Efectare storage unit connected to the Mac. External hard drive or USB memory card data.
Info - With this option at have access to very detailed data about volume / disk selected. The space occupied. free space. total volume, type formatting, type disk, connectors and other details Techniques.

Another novelty is Disk Utility Detailed graphical presentation content on the disk. Specifically, the app can see exactly how much space it occupies photos, audio files (music) video files (movies) installed applications system and other files.

Screen Shot at 2015 09-30-1.03.56 AM

Disk Utility is a utility developed by Apple for disk storage management on Mac systems. The application is installed with the OS X.

Disk Utility - New Hard Disk / SSD Manager on OS X El Capitan

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