Are you passionate about (a) the peeled bananas ...?

This thing I have to take it easy for the bad sense. It is an invention dedicated exclusively to those who have made a hobby from peeling bananas or those who want to and improve technique peeling banana.


The instrument (tool) from the image above is the invention of Japanese, and offers the same satisfaction that you have when peeled a banana.

You can peel banana orde you are. At the office, on the street, in a confectionery or at home, without having to bite out of it. Sense will be the same and guaranteed satisfaction.

PS. I know this post a little out of line But it can be considered ... tutorial. Since March 2009 can buy this banana on dazzling Banana for ~ $ 6. Although this product is the Japanese name has some resonance in Lima Romanian ... dazzle ... zz..ling Banana. Pffiuu .. :))

LA. I had forgotten how specific a very important thing. It can be peeled banana whenever you want.

Are you passionate about (a) the peeled bananas ...?

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