Firefox 59 (Quantum) - HTTP Connection is not Secure

After release Quantity, Firefox is slowly but surely recovering, the lost land in front of Google Chrome and other Internet browser applications that users have migrated in recent years. About Firefox Quantum we can only say that it is a perfect browser at the moment, which offers a superior loading speed compared to any other browser, stability and good process management, both on Windows and the MacOS.

Firefox Quantum promises to be a future browser that tries to align both users and site owners to new web standards. One of the new standards requires websites to protect the privacy of users by using HTTPS connections instead of the old HTTP protocol. Broadly speaking, HTTPS encrypts data on the Internet sent by users to the website. In this way, the user is protected against spyware and personal data manipulation by targeted third parties. It is a "must have" for Online Stores who request personal data or even credit or debit card data to make payments.

From January 2017 until the beginning of December, there was a increase with 20% of websites that have aligned to the new standards, and switched to the HTTPS secure connection. In our opinion, this is primarily due to the company Google which frequently requires webmasters to use HTTPS connections for your own pages.
In principle, an SSL certificate required for an HTTPS connection can be purchased for a fee, but Google supports the project Let's Encrypt, (mark a The Linux Foundation) that can offer free SSL certificates.

Starting with 2018 most internet browsers will mark the sites non-HTTPS as unsafe, thus alerting visitors that the data they send to the site is not safe. And today, Google Chrome and other browsers mark insecure non-HTTPS webpages containing fields for e-mail, passwords or other sensitive data.

Of course, we can not say that a website that is secured by HTTPS is also 100% sure. In an age of technology in which cyber attacks take place every second, HTTPS is just a small pillar against them.

Once the final version of a Firefox 59 (Quantum) for the general public, absolutely all HTTP webpages will be marked as insecure. It is very possible that this upgrade will also appear in Chrome in the near future.

The impact on non-HTTPS websites will be reflected in a lower number of visitors and reluctance to order online products by users. Available for online stores.

Firefox 59 (Quantum) - HTTP Connection is not Secure

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