HELP! Disable auto-restart after update (Windows Vista)

Those days were done several Updates to Windows Vista Home Premium and every time I see icon Windows Update must standWindows Update icon guarding the laptop for one reason. After it finishes downloading and installing updates, it restarts without asking for permission. Whether they are running and uninterrupted applications, the pc does restart. If I had something reprostat Vista operating system, I think this would be the best argument.

The panel updates does not appear anywhere any warning that could give the suspect what will happen if you leave your PC unattended during or after update. However, if you give double click on icon Windows Update (In systray) we see that the operating system not only gives us a time frame of between 10 4 minutes and hours to restart. Well ... this period may be extended if we put the alarm clock in 4 4 hours old to ask for a "pardon".

Windows update 1

Operating systems Windows XP Home Edition si Windows XP Pro There are two relatively simple ways to disable auto-reboot. (I will return to these systems as well.) Windows Vista is a little more pungent. Disabling automatic restart after installing updates is done by effectively blocking a Windows Automatic Update. It is opening Command Prompt (with Administrator privileges) and the command is given:

net stop "windows update"

The above command is for disabling WU per session. After you restart your PC once, this service will run without any stress. If you want to permanently deactivate a Windows Update, go to services (Run -> "services") and executed without mercy "Windows Update". Right-click -> Properties -> Disabled (under "Startup type:"). However, I do not recommend that you permanently disable your updates. You can miss the latest news on Microsoft Vista. For the winter holidays, two important updates are being prepared at Windows Vista. 1. Solitaire Pro Virus-Winter Edition and 2. Vista Game-Over SP3

I found countless topics "Disable restart after Automatic Updates " which offers solutions for versions of Windows XP. For Windows Vista (I use Home Premium) the question remains: Auto-restart after can be disabled Windows Automatic Update!?

If you are the lucky winner of a sudden and you restart solution to this problem, leave message after the beep.

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HELP! Disable auto-restart after update (Windows Vista)

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