What to choose between Office 365 and Office 2019 / Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook

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There is almost no user Windows which you have not used macwould once be one of Microsoft's Office products. Excel, for spreadsheets or Word, for editing documents, can be found on the computer of any student or employee in a corporation. Part of the Office suite, in addition to Excel and Word, there are a number Read More

Using formulas in Excel cells

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Microsoft Office Excel was created specifically for performing numerical calculations. Formulas must be written to indicate the calculation mode to the program. Formulas usually consist of cell addresses, values, and mathematical operators. When performing the calculations, all the algebraic rules are observed: the priority of the multiplication and division operations, of the parentheses, etc. All formulas are entered… Read More

Formatting cells in Excel spreadsheets Office

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The appearance of information in the cells of a spreadsheet can be changed by using the Format Cells command. When you launch this command, the Format Cells dialog box appears on the screen. The content of the box varies depending on the button selected at the top of the window. Possible options are: • Number - to change the number format • Alignment - to… Read More